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Julie Patrick

I recently provided a few images for the launch of a new online magazine called Conteu. "Kindled from the French word conteur, meaning storyteller, Conteu Magazine is a collection of stories that support a more meaningful lifestyle." {excerpt from Issue 1: Our Story}. Conteu speaks into the art of slow living, and is full of interesting and relevant local content. I'm looking forward to their next issue coming soon entitled 'Heritage'.

The launch issue featured well known Durban Florist, Debra of Bouwer Flowers. The photos below are of the Weekly Bunch: fresh seasonal flowers in stunning hues delivered to your door. The fun part is, the bouquet is made up of a beautiful new selection every week. You can also send it as a gift, and delivery is free for most of Durban.

Conteu Magazine:

Flowers & Styling:

Model: Sherrie Elson