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an engagement in rome

Julie Patrick

This was a classic case of 'right place, right time'. In August of this year I was on a Topdeck tour in Italy and we were in Vatican City for only one day. While waiting in St. Peter's Square for our bus to collect us we were witnesses to a beautiful engagement! Since I had my camera around my neck I quickly snapped some pics of the couple, Michał and Ewelina. They are from Poland! We exchanged details and I sent them the photos. We've since been in touch and I was curious about their story, so here it is:


After passing my exams in high school I didn't have enough exam points to go to any medical school, so I started studying medical emergency. In my group I met Ewelina, she was from totally different city, she caught my fancy and we started to hang out. We had plenty of free time, because the studies were rather easy for us, so we dated a lot and also learned together, because she wanted to study medicine as well. We didn't manage the first time, but after another year we got enough points, so we changed our studies. We applied to the same university, and after getting information about enrollment we asked to be put in the same group. So, we started studying medicine together, and now we are in 5th year. We also started living together from this year. 


Ewelina always wanted to visit Rome, but during previous summer vacations we were doing our medical practice or working, so we simply didn't have time or money for such a trip. This year we managed to save enough money, we were prepared with accommodation, transport and so on in advance, and I decided that a better occasion will never come. After all, we had been a couple for 6 years, and what is a better place to get engaged than St. Peter's Square? Ewelina didn't know anything (maybe just suspecting), so I guess the surprise worked well, and here we are now. 


We plan to finish our studies first, so probably it won't happen before 2018. We also need to collect some money, because we spent it all on vacation. We don't know where it would be yet, but I'm living in the mountains and Ewelina loves them, so I guess it will be somewhere here. Wooden churches and regional taverns are just what we both like :)

Congratulations to you both! May your future together be bright.