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cgs instagram challenge

Julie Patrick

This November I participated in a photo challenge on Instagram. It was organised by CGS Creative (Roxy Hutton of City Girl Searching). This challenge made me realise just how few photos I posted before this! Being 'forced' to post one image EVERY day relating to the prompt word was quite a commitment but it inspired creativity and I actually really enjoyed the experience. During the challenge I had this revelation: if you seriously commit to something, you will somehow find time to do it. This relates to anything in life. Exercise, a healthy diet, rest.. things we "don't have time for" in our busy lives. So let's commit ourselves to those things that are good for the soul, especially with the year coming to a close and all those last minute frantic pre-holiday times ahead.

Here are all my photos from the CGS photo challenge. CLICK HERE to view them on Instagram and see the prompt word & context of each one. Ps. The quote posts are always placed on my own photos which I then edit and blur using the app Font Candy.

Thank you Roxy for a fun and productive month! I will definitely try to post more pics on Instagram from now on.