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it's time : 22 april 2017

Julie Patrick

Yesterday feels surreal. If you don't know about this event: Here are some aerial photographs and here is the link to the Facebook page that will give you the most accurate updates.

This may have been the largest prayer meeting in African history. There were definitely over a million people present. Apparently it was closer to two million. I will update once the number is confirmed by the organisers. There were thousands praying with us around the country and overseas as well.

I only took photos before the meeting. I met amazing individuals from all over SA. I'm going to talk about race now. Please hear my heart. I am mentioning race because I believe that the Rainbow Nation dream is not dead. I know many who will laugh at that statement, especially because I'm white. Yes, we have a long way to go. BUT GOD. Restoration is God's specialty. We are moving forward. I would like to share a few moments that impacted me before the meeting even began. I saw a black man and a white man carrying a heavy wooden cross around the field. I saw a middle aged white couple and a young black girl shriek as they spotted each other in the crowd and they hugged like family. I saw a mainly white group praying for a black woman while she cried and then laughed and jumped in the air. I saw a passionate young black man leading an intercession made up of coloured, Indian, black and white people. I hiked up a hill to view the three crosses that had been erected near the venue. I saw a black lady helping an elderly white woman up the steep part. I saw an old black man trudging slowly but determinedly up the hill. He looked as if he had walked a very long way. I recalled my comfortable car journey that morning and my heart ached. When I got to the top, I witnessed hundreds enjoying beautiful encounters with God around the middle cross. People were flat on their faces. People were worshipping. People were crying. People were embracing. They clearly love Jesus, and they love South Africa. And by they, I mean us. And by us, I mean ONE POINT SEVEN MILLION PEOPLE. That is more people than the population of a small country.

When the official meeting began, I put my camera away because I wanted to be fully present. What happened after that was miraculous. I've already seen some distorted news headlines and scornful comments on social media regarding this event. Were those people there? I doubt it very much. Yes, it was a majority white event. Yes, there were likely many racist people on that field. There is plenty to criticize, analyze and misconstrue if you are looking to do that. I started having judgmental thoughts myself when I arrived. Then I walked around and watched.. really watched. I saw the moments described above and many more. God had a plan. He brought Love into that place, and racial / cultural / gender divides cannot stand when Love is present. This event was not about Angus Buchan. He was just the obedient messenger. You only have to hear him speak to know that. He exudes humbleness. There were thousands of volunteers and donators who made yesterday what it was, and he acknowledged that. I can't accurately describe what happened in that meeting. Salvations, healings, addictions broken, hardened men weeping, miracles... I don't even know how many other things happened, and a lot shifted in areas we cannot see in the physical. Angus spoke about the wind of the Holy Spirit. As we prayed the wind started blowing. The main stage top was whipping in it. Balloons were ripped from their strings and flew over our heads. Suddenly a huge whirlwind appeared out of nowhere and circled us. We don't get a whole lot of whirlwinds in South Africa. We saw it because of the dust, and we heard it start at the back as people laughed and cheered and cried (there was a lot of crying). It was incredible and there was no denying it was God. The wind died down immediately after we'd finished praying.

The biggest question is: where to from here? Well, our call is to mobilise. Mobilise as the Church and as a nation. We have a lot to do. Some are saying: Why spend so much money, time and energy on a prayer meeting when our country has so many basic needs? It's a good question, and there are many answers to it. I think one answer would be: if about a million people are back in their homes right now transformed, restored, full of hope and full of joy, then they will change the environment around them. They will change the way they live. There will be a ripple effect on families, entire sphere of influences and beyond. As was said at the meeting: It only took twelve disciples of Jesus to change the world. We are 1,700,000. Let's see what happens now!

"Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso
O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho"